Rift Smurfs

Terms of Service


I. Your agreement with us includes accepting our Terms and Conditions of Use and our Privacy Policy.

II. You acknowledge that you have read and understood the Agreements, accept these Agreements, and agree to be bound by them.

III. CryptoSmurfs reserves the rights to modify these agreements and terms and conditions at any time for no reason whatsoever – consumers are expected to remain updated on our policies and terms and conditions.


I. RiftSmurfs has no affiliation or relation to any of the games displayed on this website nor any Parent companies of those respective games.

II. Registered Names and Trademarks are the copyright and property of their respective owners.

III. All game content included on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, images, data compilations are owned by the game publisher or its licensors and protected by International copyright laws.

Risk of ban & liability of account re-selling

I. After purchasing an account through CryptoSmurfs.com, you hereby acknowledge that you waive any and all liability to CryptoSmurfs and hereby agree to hold harmless to CryptoSmurfs.

II. CryptoSmurfs are not responsible for damages caused to an account purchased by a customer if:
– customer fails to change the password or other important information,
– customer shares or sells his account to the third person,
– customer is using third party softwares, such as scripts & hacks,
– customer is acting bad in game which leads to account/chat restrictions or suspensions.

III. Creating a dispute or chargeback against A&M Corp LTDA, will result in the immediate suspension of all protections and support regarding any issue.

Refunds & Other Terms

I. No refunds are offered.
One-time replacement is available for all our products.

II. Account that became locked under no circumstances will be recovered.

This is due to users buying accounts and reselling them without RiftSmurfs permission and as king us recover the accounts back for them so that they may scam the others.

III. By purchasing an account from RiftSmurfs or visiting RiftSmurfs.com or speaking to its owners/associates you hereby agree to all of the above terms.


I. We offer a lifetime warranty for each of our products.
RiftSmurfs offers a one-time replacement, for every order made through our website.
Order’s ID replaced in the past, won’t receive second replacement under any circumstances.

II. Our warranties only covers bans related to botting.
In case your account has been banned for toxicity, scripting or any other offence, it is not covered by the warranty.

III. To receive replacement for a banned account, please create a ticket by contacting Live Chat.

When you create a ticket to ask for a replacement, we require you to send:
– ID of your order or any other proof that will help us track your items
– Screenshot of the login screen on the banned account,
– Login credentials for us to manually confirm that the ban is valid.

Identity Verification

RiftSmurfs may require more information following your payment to properly determine that the payment has been authorized by you.

Verification during buying process may include:

– Phone call to a contracted phone number (Thats been verified via our automated systems)

– Text message to a contracted phone number (Thats been verified)

Failure to comply with the regulations above, may result in cancelling your payment.
CryptoSmurfs reserves the right to manage fraud at our discretion.
All fraudulent issues will be resolved and or the customer notified within 48 hours

Additional Terms and Conditions

I. You are responsible for any fees, taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery of your items.

II. In case account is not specifically stated as “Hand-leveled” in the description it may have a muted, botting ban, or other form of ban on it that is not permanent.

Hand-leveled accounts in the description hereby guarantee that the account will have no botting bans in any form but may have other bans.

RiftSmurfs reserves the right to not mention bans due to this fact and may withhold refunds or disputes in these cases.

III. For customer service inquiries or disputes, please contact us through Live Chat or Discord Server.